Preventative Maintenance

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Regular preventative maintenance is as important for your golf cart as it is for any other motor vehicle.

For instance, if batteries are not maintained properly they can cause a fire hazard or acid corrosion on your cart and driveway, and their life can be drastically shortened.

With the extreme heat that we experience on the Gulf Coast, battery water levels need be checked monthly at a bare minimum.


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Water, Run, Charge

If batteries aren’t continually watered, exercised and charged, they become very disagreeable. A set of batteries can cost upwards of $1200 to replace.

As important is tire maintenance. An under inflated tire will cause uneven wear, shorten the life of the tire and put strain on the overall performance of your cart.

Perhaps most important for the safety of your family and guests is annual maintenance on the carts brakes.

Ecco Motors offers maintenance program options that will keep your cart running smoothly and reduce costly repairs. Simply choose the option that best fits your needs.