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Service and Preventative Maintenance

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

As with anything mechanical, proper maintenance and service will extend its useful life. Ecco Motors roots are deep in keeping your golf cart or low speed vehicle in top operational condition. The key word here is routine. Sporadic or reactive repairs are fine up to a point but fall short of preventing unwanted breakdowns. Newer vehicles require less initial attention, but as the vehicle is used and ages, failures occur more often. We can prevent downtime and costly repairs by routinely inspecting and maintaining your vehicle. Coast, battery water levels need be checked monthly at a bare minimum.

Ecco Motors is a full-service dealership and takes pride in only hiring knowledgeable and skilled Service Technicians. Our Service department is well equipped and supported with a parts department valued at $300,000. Our pick-up and delivery vehicles and drivers are the best in the industry and we save you money by utilizing multi-vehicle haulers. All trailers are equipped with wenches to load those vehicles that decide to not run or have other conditions that require towing services. Our prices for these services are far less than auto repair shops and usually less than our competitors.

Occasional repairs are inevitable, we at Ecco Motors understand the urgency in getting your vehicle up and running as quickly as possible. Our service department team is top-notch and will do everything in their capacity to diagnose, repair and return your vehicle back as quickly as possible. We invite you to look over our maintenance and service plans. Once you compare the amount of time and effort we spend servicing your vehicle, you will see the value we’ve packed into each plan. Just give us a call and we’ll set up a program that meets your needs.

The Good Life

Let us help you get the best and longest of your investment.


Although maintenance programs can prevent unwanted breakdowns and keep your vehicle at maximum reliability and performance, unforeseen circumstances will sometime require golf cart repair outside of these services. In those cases, Ecco Motors is still your best source to solve these problems. Our Technicians are trained to repair most all brands of golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles. From alignments to major rebuilds, our team of technicians and support personnel are here to serve your needs.