Scott With Ecco Motors

Currently Ecco Motors is under 30,000 sf of buildings with employs 20 people. Our trucks are seen throughout Destin, Miramar Beach and 30A areas on a regular basis. The business now provides storage for over 100 golf cart and LSV owners. The services Ecco Motors provides have also improved by designing specialized service packages that keep the customers vehicles in top working condition. These services range from basic inspections to extensive rental maintenance programs.

The future looks bright as this area has become a polished diamond for family vacationers and full-time living. Adding a golf car or Low Speed Vehicle has become a must-have and Ecco Motors will be here to provide the vehicles, deliver the services and help heighten the
experiences for all that care to indulge.

The founder of Ecco Motors, Scott Lightsey, thought moving to Destin would be a great idea and in so doing, quickly realized that he hadn’t set aside enough money to live on during his semi-retirement state. Starting his career in the Auto Service industry, Scott owned a highly successful 25-year specialty auto service business in Tallahassee and often thought of the versatility of Golf Carts and was intrigued with electric cars in general. While in the specialty auto service business, in 1997, he and a couple of his guys built an electric car from the ground up using some retired parts from a salvaged vehicle and a fiberglass body from Mexico. The final product was a pure electric, two door coup that easily reached speeds of 110 mph and would go approximately 100 miles per charge. From that point forward, Scott was inspired to combine all of his skills and expertise to venture into the golf car business. Since then, the business has grown in size and in many directions.

Starting as a golf cart service and repair shop with one helper, it didn’t take long to realize that the demand for rental golf carts was strong for this area and Ecco Motors was there to fill this need. A few years passed and Ecco Motors grew a reputation of delivering quality workmanship at reasonable prices. The business relocated from Destin to Miramar Beach and from a 2,000 square foot building to a 12,000 square foot building. Ecco Motors quickly saw another opportunity, which was to offer the unique service of Dry Storage for their customers that would normally have to leave their golf carts out in the elements. Sales were also increasing while the market was shifting.

New laws were limiting the use of golf carts on public streets and the need for Street Legal Vehicles quickly became the new game. Scott, having once been a licensed auto dealer, saw where Ecco Motors needed to become a Florida Licensed Auto Dealer and quickly took the steps necessary to meet the requirements to buy and sell Street Legal versions of golf carts now more commonly known as Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs). Although these products are relatively new, Ecco Motors has eagerly sought out the best manufactures to represent. Currently the ICON LSVs are the best product for the price.

As time has progressed, all four aspects of the business; Sales, Service, Rentals and Storage have grown, which has created a demand for more space and additional employees to serve our customers.