Custom Builds

Custom Creation Golf Cars and LSV’s

When you invest in the Signature Series, you will receive the best quality parts, workmanship and end product, just as you would expect and deserve.

We would like to share with you the process in which we build your personalized Signature Series vehicle.

Design Process

The build starts with a retired Club Car golf cart. These vehicles are obtained through off-lease programs and are usually three to four years old. An Ecco Motors Builder professionally dismantles the vehicle down to the frame and most of the original parts are disposed of. The main structural components are inspected, serviced and refinished. All normal-wear items are either replaced or serviced to meet like-new vehicle specifications.

The aluminum frame is acid washed and inspected for damages or flaws, repairs are made if necessary. Steering, suspension and drive-line components undergo the same inspection and servicing process. From there we install new a wiring harness for the lights and accessories, while making corrections to the original drive system, wiring harness and connectors.

At this point we start performing our magic by adding components that are usually not install by the original manufacturer but that offer true value to the owner. Items such as a 48-volt to 12-volt Dc/Dc Converter, which extends the life of and protects the batteries, and any accessories that you’ve decided on like a sound system, etc.

The final stage of the build now brings the previous work together in the assembly process. This is where the new parts and accessories are added. These items are, at minimum, new motor, body parts, upholstery, rear seat kit, top & top struts, batteries, windshield, lights, wheels & tires and specialty components that you’ve chosen such as a sound system, access key pad, etc.

The last leg of this process is to make all the final adjustments, charge it up, and test drive the vehicle. At this juncture the vehicle gets a full detail and is readied for delivery.

Signature Series

Signature Series vehicles, comes with a 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty against defects in parts and labor. There are various levels of the Signature Series. For instance, the Express is a beautiful and well-featured cart which starts at only $5,599. Check out the video below to see how much fun owning can be!

Signature Series Gallery