Tomberlin Emerge Electric Vehicles

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Emerge E2

Emerge E4

We are a Authorized Dealer for Tomberlin Products, including the E-merge Street-legal Vehicles and Scooters.

With the E-Merge you can safely drive to your neighborhood golf course, play 18 holes and stop by the grocery store on your way home.  It is a small, aggressively styled, two passenger, street-legal, electric car that can charge overnight on a standard 110 volt outlet and have a range in excess of 30 miles.  It is targeted to individuals in local neighborhoods and communities for running errands, commuting, golf and other recreation. Its power plant will generate almost 11 kilowatts making it capable of a top speed of 25 mph and giving it the ability to aggressively climb hills.  It has 4 wheel braking, seat belts, tip-over-bar, lights and is street legal.  The E-merge is offered in five colors and a seat kit is available to accommodate four passengers. Your title and license is included in the price and we do the paperwork for you. This vehicle does not require an annual inspection sticker.

We are a Authorized Dealer for Alumacar Products, Golf Cars built more for personal use and constructed with an aluminum frame.


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